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The Perks of CoWorking Space

What are the biggest perks of using our coworking space, you ask?

  1. All of the biggest administrative business costs you'd normally have are all lumped into your hire price; including rent, power, internet, printing, administrative services, amenities, office equipment (the free street parking is a bonus), plus you can add any extras like secure dedicated parking, storage and additional business services into the one payment - all written off as a business cost.

  2. Opportunities to network with other users in the space, to utilise their experience and the services they offer as a trader

  3. Flexibility to change up your space - upsize or downsize

  4. Save on office expenses when you are travelling, on leave or not requiring the space

  5. Benefit from the stylish spaces and amenities, improving the aesthetics of your business space and impress clients and customers.

Office fit outs are famously expensive and when you're starting up in business (especially in these times of an unstable economy, after years of pandemic, political and social instability and a developing age of technology, media & social constructs) you "surprisingly" may not be 100% sure which direction you want or NEED to head.

The benefits of coworking space is the adaptability, flexibility and (forgive us) desert-ability of your workspace. You no longer only have the option of either working from home until you do well enough to take out a 5 year lease. You now have a third option -

A visually appealing office space, in a relatively new, high tech and environmentally friendly building, a proximity to the CBD that would be big ticket in the real estate world, free or affordable parking that doesn't add 10-15 minutes to your commute, high quality and high tech amenities that you would only dream of in a start up, spaces for meetings, media & events at your fingertips, and freedom. So much freedom! Freedom to choose, freedom to leave, freedom to come back, freedom to develop and grow and impress.

The world is your oyster! And our Echelon team are here to help you grow a nice shiny pearl of success.

Don't forget to quote our 30% Off Introductory Offer for your first desk hire.

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